Yay! We're in a happy mood. Free shipping on all orders.

Yay! We're in a happy mood. Free shipping on all orders.

Welcome to the World of Inai

Hi there,

Welcome to Inai. This journal is our way of sharing our thoughts, beliefs, behind the scenes action and other happenings through this journey with you.

Our motive to start a new brand in the already crowded leather market, was borne out of inspiration to offer high quality handmade goods, that combined premium leather and expert Indian craftsmanship. Put simply, we wanted to create products that would not just look good, but are functional and timeless and could be worn for years.

Keeping this in mind, it took us a while to develop the ideal name for our brand. Being based in Chennai, India – way down south, we’re proud of our heritage and expertise, since Chennai being one of the foremost centres for the leather industry in India. We wanted our brand name to evoke the same beliefs and philosophy, while staying true to our south Indian heritage, and thus ‘Inai’ seemed to be a perfect fit.

Inai is a Tamil word, derived from ‘Inaippu’ which translates to ‘Connection’.

It’s simple really, we want our consumers to connect with what they buy. The idea is to minimise your consumption while investing in quality products you truly love and will use for years to come. We hope to bring about a fresh perspective to the fashion industry.

#Buy With Love




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