Yay! We're in a happy mood. Free shipping on all orders.

Yay! We're in a happy mood. Free shipping on all orders.

Where The Magic Happens

We work out of an artisanal workshop in Chennai. For over 20 years, our artisans have crafted the finest leather bags for international luxury brands. We felt it was time, we bring the same expertise, combining functional design and minimal aesthetics to the Indian audience.

Our Creative Process

Leather work remains a hands-on skill even today and our artisans have spent decades perfecting it. From designing to the curation of leather, crafting the bag to finishing, we do it all under one roof. We take immense pleasure in crafting every little detail by hand. Our workshop is where we keep the art of leather alive.

The Good Stuff

Our leather comes from quaint towns in Italy and earthy nooks of India. We handpick the most genuine leathers in a variety of colour palettes and textural depth. We also bring the highest quality trims from different parts of the world that add value to every piece. Echoing our philosophy of sustainable living, we use existing stock leather and upcycled leather, transforming leather excess from production in factories, to create our one of a kind pieces.